Gree Viola Series Air Conditioner

The Viola series Air Conditioner is intelligently designed to bring convenience in your daily life.

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  • Auto restart
  • Copper Tube (Condenser & Evaporator)
  • Self diagnosis
  • Unique healthy filters
  • Rapid Cooling
  • Quiet Operation
  • Low Voltage Startup

  • Indoor Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Standard Installation Kit
  • User Manual
  • Remote Controller
  • Other Information

    Intelligent Ventilation

    User can enjoy 5 modes (Cooling, Cool, Comfort, Warm, Heating) by pressing the E-joy button. The unit can adjust indoor temperature, humidity and air flow automatically and provide users with the utmost comfort.

    With independent intelligent ventilation device, bidirectional ventilation and PM2.5 purification function are available to supply users with clean fresh air.


    Gree two-stage compressor can heat normally and cool normally under extreme temperature without increasing power consumption. Air outlet temperature can reach 50℃ in ambient temperature -20℃ and 13℃ in ambient temperature 50℃ respectively.

    Good sleep mode: before you get up, set temperature will decrease or increase automatically to refresh you in the morning.

    Sound sleep mode: set temperature is close to body temperature and will adjust automatically and intelligently.